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Do you have an unsightly and ugly tree stump destroying your landscape’s outlook? Are you looking to remove that obstructive tree stump? If your answer is yes, you’re at the right place. Best Local Stump Removal and Grinding.

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Stump Removal Company

Stump Removal Pakenham is a leading stump removal and stump grinding tree management company based in Pakenham, specialising in commercial and residential clients across South East Melbourne, Gippsland, and Mornington Peninsula.

We are a full-tree service stump removal company offering advanced machines and a comprehensive range of services, providing stump grinding, stump removal, and Yucca removal.
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Stump Removal Pakenham
Stump Removal Pakenham

Our Services

As a Number #1 stump removal and tree management company, our priority at Stump Removal Pakenham is always quality, safety and efficiency.

We use highly advanced and heavy-duty stump grinders and removers to safely grind or remove the stump from the roots without interfering with the surrounding environment.

Our focus is to ensure there’s no mark of stump once removed, ensuring you’ve got a plain, vegetation-friendly area once the stump has been removed.

Our stump grinding and stump removal processes follow the local guidelines and have evolved over the years, ensuring the procedure is completed timely, safely, and efficiently. Two of our primary services include –

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a highly intense and rigorous process where not only the visible portion of the stump isn’t ground, but the entire stump, including the roots, is removed. 

This is a highly labor-intensive process as the tree root is around 5-8 times larger than the size of the tree. We use various equipment, such as a chainsaw, stump grinder, and excavator, to grind out the stump in its entirety. 

“Once the stump is ground up, a fine mulch remains, and our
stump removal specialists will level it. We can also clean the area (for an additional fee), ensuring your garden looks clean, plain, and ready for landscaping in whatever way you want. 

Stump Removal Pakenham
Best Stump removal and Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process in which the stump is ground till below the topsoil level, allowing the area to become vegetation friendly and plain again. When the stump remains in the area, there are many issues it can create. 

First of all, it looks unsightly and doesn’t allow other vegetation or plantation to thrive. Moreover, it becomes the breeding ground for insects and rodents, posing health hazards.

A stump can also be a tripping hazard, as one can easily trip and fall by stumbling over an obstructive stump.

If you want your garden to be safe and healthy, stump grinding is necessary. 

Other Services We Provide

Stump Grinding Pakenham

Yucca Removal

Stump Grinding Pakenham

Garden Maintenance

Stump Removal Pakenham has a Tree stump grinding expert who will come to your property and inspect the tree. 

A diseased tree needs to be pruned or removed before it becomes a burden on your property. If diseased or unhealthy trees are allowed to thrive on your property, it will eventually end up killing your lawn grass. 

So, whether you’re looking to get your tree inspected, your tree removed or want the tree stump ground/removed, trust us to deliver safe and result-oriented services. 

We are a #1 Stump Removal Company in Pakenham, and have successfully helped hundreds of residential and commercial clients with stump removal and grinding.

We don’t compromise with quality, and go the extra mile to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

Location We Serve

At Stump Removal Pakenham, we not only serve clients from Pakenham but the entire South-East Melbourne and regional Victoria, including Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula.

No matter where you’re in the areas mentioned above, call us, and our tree removal specialists will reach you as scheduled.

About Us

Stump Removal Pakenham is a family-owned and operated stump Removal Company based in Pakenham, serving residential, industrial, and commercial clients across South East Melbourne,
Gippsland, and Mornington Peninsula. 

At Stump Removal Pakenham, we have a team of fully certified and experienced stump removal and tree removal specialists. We provide end-to-end stump removal and grinding services, leaving your property cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than before. 

As a locally owned and operated stump removal firm, we fully know the local guidelines and regulations regarding tree and stump removal. We can also provide you guidance in case of clearance or compliance is required. 

Trust us to deliver exceptional, safe, and result-oriented stump removal and grinding services, and you won’t be disappointed. 

We have standard processes for all the services we provide, which have evolved over the years to offer quality services hundreds of our clients have come to trust. 

Best Stump Grinding and Removal

Why You Should Choose Us?

When you want stump removal, stump grinding and Yucca removal in Pakenham, and neighbouring areas, Stump Removal Pakenham is the company you can trust.

With decades of experience in stump removal and grinding services, we offer high-quality and timely services without costing a fortune.

Fully Insured and Stump Removal Company in Pakenham   Some of the reasons to choose us are:

Getting an amateur company for stump removal and grinding can worsen matters and add to your hassles. 

At Stump Removal Pakenham, we offer professional, high-quality and reliable services you can count on.

Our tree and stump removal specialists are fully insured, ensuring the job is high-quality, compliant, and just as you expected.

We don’t follow the cookie-cutter approach and go the extra mile to ensure our customers are completely satisfied – every single time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our machine destroys the stump and kills the underlying root system using its powerful rotating disc
covered in sharp, tungsten teeth to grind the stump down into a mulch.

Stumps Gone is a fully insured tree stump grinding service that can remove stumps of all sizes.

From narrow access to tight turns, and everything in-between, we will try to come up with a solution
to complete the job affordably, safely and efficiently.

Our machine is on tracks! The Predator is a powerful and efficient grinding machine, that will
minimize any damage to your garden. Most traditional grinders are on wheels and can cause
unsightly grooves and potholes.


Smaller stumps can be ground in around 15-20 minutes, but larger stumps can take hours.

However, rest assured, we are well-equipped and skilled to ground stump of any size at Stump Removal Pakenham.

We can help you
- Trim back/cut off branches overhanging gardens in trees up to 5m
- Hedge clipping
-  Pruning
-  General maintenance of trees and hedges
-  Ensure your garden is neat and safe

Stump grinding produces mulch, and you sure can use it. Mulch is highly useful in flower and vegetation-friendly gardens. 

It is dependent on what you want to be done. The number of stumps, the size of the stumps, the access
and if there are any utilities nearby.

Stump Removal Pakenham follows the best practice to get the job done most cleanly and safely. Our
specialists are insured and know how to handle heavy stump grinders.
We use the grinder in a way that other areas of your landscape are protected. We also use tarps and
plastic sheets to cover surrounding areas from damage, if necessary.

At an additional cost, we not only clean but seed and replant the area to help it become the dream
lawn you want.

Stump Grinding Pakenham

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If you’re looking for stump removal, stump grinding, and yucca removal in and around South East Melbourne and regional Victoria, Stump Removal Pakenham is the name you can trust.

With over a decade of experience in the stump removal and grinding business, we have the experience, expertise, and resources to get the job done right without breaking the bank.

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